1968 Cry Baby Wah

This is a vintage 1968 Cry Baby wah-wah effects pedal. This extremely early, pre-production, example features a prototypical circuit typically concealed by epoxy and is from the first batch made in Italy using the Cry Baby model name. Even wah enthusiasts will not be familiar with this version, which was probably produced in a quantity under 100 total units. This truly original Cry Baby is perhaps the rarest of all early wah pedals, and the predecessor to the famous VOX V846. Not only is this a pedal collector’s dream, but it represents a significant missing link in the expansive heritage of the wah’s history. Perhaps the best part is that this pedal sounds absolutely incredible, and is without a doubt the best sounding wah I have ever owned, far surpassing the musicality of the early grey UK-made Vox units.

With the same famed inductor found in a the grey VOX UK wah, an ICAR pot, a pair of Arco caps, a duo of tropical fish caps, a Ducati 4/15 cap, and matching germanium transistors, this wah features an extremely simple circuit, but one which produces a harmonically rich and sweet sweeping tone control.

The silver sticker serial number tag is the same as those found on early ’68 chrome top Vox wahs, yet this wah sports a paper “Patent Pending” label on the original bottom plate.