1967 Vox Tone Bender

Here is a vintage 1967 VOX Tone Bender electric guitar fuzz effects pedal. This particular example, serial number 6342, is in excellent all original condition and includes an original vinyl carrying case. Considered by most experts to be both the predecessor and platform for the famous (Dallas) Arbiter Fuzz Face, while also drawing inspiration from the MKI Tone Bender, this variety VOX ToneBender is one of the best classic fuzz pedals ever made, and considering its relationship to other ’60s fuzzes, is also one of the best bargains.

This particular VOX Tone Bender features: (1) SFT337 and (1) SFT363E transistor, an all original circuit, an upgraded 9v battery terminal, original hardware including feet, and the carrying case.

This example works perfectly, sounds amazing, and is a great complement to most any guitar rig. Great for single note solos and thick power chords, it won’t leave you wanting for more.