1967 Vox Galaxie

Here is a vintage 1967 Vox Galaxie model 95-924211 electric guitar solid state amplifier. This particular Ampliphonic Sound series example, serial number 1259070, is in very excellent 100% all original condition! The Galaxie, and Satellite were Thomas’ attempt to keep VOX products in front of audiences during the late 1960’s when Marshall and Fender were edging VOX products off rock stages. These “VOX Ampliphonic Music Stands” were self contained combination amplifiers and music stands. They were trapezoid in shape in all three dimensions and included a music light and an area to hold sheet music. This example features a built-in A-440 pitch tuner and footswitchable reverb and vibrato.

Serial Number: 1259070
Transformer Code: 606717
Speaker Code: 465-719 (Oxford)

The original tolex is in excellent condition exhibiting only a few scuffs. Several of the corner brackets have since been cracked and broken. The original black diamond grill cloth is in excellent structural shape with no snags, tears, or fraying. The control panel is crisp and clean, though does display several dents. One of the original feet is missing.

The Galaxie pushes 35 watts of power through a single 10″ Oxford speaker, which sounds incredible and does not exhibit any fatigue or voice-coil distortion. The amp works perfectly and sounds amazing.