1967 Marshall 1974 Baby Bluesbreaker

This is an exceedingly rare vintage original 1967 Marshall 1974 18-watt 1×12″ “Baby Bluesbreaker” combo guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number 13211, is in exceptional all original cosmetic condition and sounds absolutely incredible. Original 1960s Marshall combos aren’t just incredibly scarce, they are actually becoming almost impossible to find, let alone buy. Of the several 18-watt plexi-panel models, the 1974 is by far the most interesting, best sounding and subsequently the most desirable. While not entirely original, this amp remains in extremely excellent shape and appears to have been seldom used, only being maintained only when needed. Several caps have been replaced, as well as, the original footswitch and power cable. Otherwise, this example is near mint in most respects. With a tone unparalleled by all other combos, the extraordinary sound of a Marshall 1974 has been emulated, reissued, coveted, but never reproduced.

Serial Number: 13211
Speaker Code: 18JM (September 1967)

Both RS transformers are original, as is the original Celestion 20w G12M. It also includes the original Marshal vinyl protective cover.