1967 Marshall 18w 2×12 Baby Bluesbreaker

This is an exceedingly rare vintage original 1967 Marshall 18w 2×12″ “Baby Bluesbreaker” combo guitar amplifier. This particular example, model 1973, is in exceptional cosmetic condition and sounds absolutely incredible. The elusive “Baby Bluesbreaker” in any configuration is rare and extremely desirable, but the 2×12″ version is probably both the rarest and best sounding. Original 1960s Marshall combos aren’t just incredibly scarce, they are actually becoming almost impossible to find, let alone buy.

(All audio from the video was recorded with a ’61 SG Les Paul with PAFs and this ’67 Marshall 18w recorded by a U47fet directly into ProTools. Take a listen!)

Serial Number: N/A
Transformer Code: 467
Speaker Codes: 15ML

The most substantial of the 18w Marshall combos, this 1973 features; a cabinet that measures 20″ (height) x 28″ (width) x 9″ (depth), an (1) EZ81, (2) EL84, (2) 12AX7, and (1) CV4004 tube configuration, (2) 12″ Celestion G12M speakers, a tremolo channel with hard-wired footswitch, a plexi control panel, “grey bluesbreaker” pinstripe grill cloth, black levant tolex, a “HYGRADE” main transformer, an RS output transformer, Mullard tubes, a perforated circuit board with original mustard capacitors and a non-original custom-made vinyl cover.

This amp was originally purchased from an amp collector who resides in Orange County. He had owned the amp for approximately 20+ years when I bought it some 5 years ago. I have offered some incredibly rare early Marshalls over the last 2 months, including an original 1962 off-set head and a 1964 metal badge JTM 45, but I feel strongly that this is the coolest and best sounding amp of the three.

It sounds unbelievably fantastic and effortlessly produces that quintessential Marshall tone, for which people search their whole lives. This amp will make any guitar sound great. Instant Beano. It works perfectly with absolutely zero issues.

The original HYGRADE transformer was replaced approximately 15 years ago with an exact spec. reproduction, but is included with the amp. (see pics.) During the time of that service, several capacitors were also replaced. Otherwise, the amp is 100% ALL ORIGINAL!