1967 Hofner 500/8BZ

This is a vintage 1967 Hofner 500/8BZ electric hollowbody bass guitar. Originally sold for over $150 more than a Beatle bass, the 500/8BZ did not enjoy a very robust production, and has since become a very scarce. This rare instrument, serial number 7067, is in very well-preserved, 100% all original condition. A fantastic short scale bass, with a 30.5″ scale length, this bass sounds great both with and without the fuzz and bass boost circuit engaged. Both the Fuzz and Bass Boost features work perfectly, and both sound great: the Hofner fuzz pedal shares the same circuitry as that found within this bass, and boy is it good: akin to a great Fuzz Face in many ways, which translates well for bass. It has a hand-carved solid German spruce top, with flamed maple back and sides. The Brazilian rosewood fingerboard is absolutely gorgeous. It plays great and sounds even better. The original neck heel cap deteriorated completely, otherwise the bass is a strong 8.5/10.