1967 Gretsch 6157 Super Bass

Here is a vintage 1967 Gretsch “6157” Super Bass electric guitar/bass amplifier. This particular head/chassis and cabinet (piggyback) set, serial number D-3906, is in excellent vintage condition. Originally intended for a high-wattage “hi-fi” bass application, it has since been re-appropriated by many guitarists searching for an amp with tons of musical clarity and lots of headroom, to achieve tone not usually offered by other traditional 2×12″/50w amplifiers.

Serial Number: D-3906
Speaker Codes: 220703 (Jensen, early ’67)
Transformer Codes: T-10264, 304 T3778

This amp was recently purchased from the original owner with a matching ’64 Gretsch Tennessean 6119 electric guitar, and this is the first time this uncirculated pair have been offered for sale. According to the previous owner, he preferred this amp to others, as it better articulated his Gretsch guitar.

The amp sounds and works great. The speakers are intact and void of fatigue and voice-coil distortion. It was serviced prior to purchase by a local amp tech, which involved replacement of all (4) 6L6 Sovtek power tubes. Both great for guitar and bass, this is a very loud and simple amp which would be extremely useful in a studio or a home rehearsal space.

According to several users, it is a dual power amplifier that can run concurrently. The original ad did not confirm this, and from personal experience, the amp works fine when plugged into just one output. However, several forums have mentioned running both channels at the same time with a special stereo cable.

Interestingly, it appears to have a factory 110v/220v step-up transformer mounted to the top of the cabinet. Claimed to be a factory ad-on, according to the previous owner, this cool Acme transformer, model #T-10264, would allow for use in both 220v and 110v environments. Finding another export model Gretsch amp would be very difficult, so grab this one while you can!