1967 Goya Fury Box

Here is a vintage 1967 Goya Fury Box fuzz effects pedal. This particular example is in particularly fine 100% all original condition. Directly related to several other interesting fuzz units, such as; the Applied Fuzz and Treble Booster, the Conrad Fuzzy Fury, the Giuletti Corp Fuzz and Treble Booster, the Lou Rose Combo-Fuzz, the Vivant Fuzz and Treble Booster, and the Kadent Treblefuzz, this is the simplified Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face inspired unit. Even though it features the signature “Battery Test” button like all of the aforementioned units, it does not have the ill-engineered Treble Boost functionality, and is simply a straight-forward fuzz. The exotic red felt exterior was a detail later famously re-appropriated by most fOXX pedals, and was also available on the Applied Fuzz box too. This fizzy-sounding, (2) germanium transistor, fuzz pedal is quite unique, and is great for single note solos. “Buzzy with sizzle,” would begin to approach a proper sonic description, as it does not produce the generally great classic Fuzz Face tone.

Though the potentiometer codes indicate a mid-’66 production, the unit first became available in 1967 when officially featured in the Goya catalog. It features the built in battery tester, not unlike the later UMI Buzz Tone & Volume Expander fuzz.