1967 Gibson Flying V

This is a vintage 1967 Gibson Flying V electric guitar with the original faultless hard case. This incredibly rare instrument, serial number 001764, remains in 100% all original condition and is both completely intact and structurally perfect, with no breaks, no cracks, and no repairs. Between the short span of 1966-1969 only 175 Flying Vs were produced by Gibson, and of the 93 accounted for, a mere 15 (not including this one) are preserved in 100% all original unmodified condition. Played by Jimi Hendrix and Marc Bolan, the ’67 Gibson Flying V is one of the rarest production Gibson guitars ever made. Buying an all original 1967 Flying V is simply an opportunity that can not be recreated, as those who collect them feel no value accurately assesses both their scarcity and worth. As is commonly known, original 1st generation 1958-1963 Gibson Flying Vs are worth up to $600,000.00+, and according to Gibson’s shipping ledger, the 2nd generation Flying V was equally manufactured in an extremely limited quantity.

As mentioned, this ’67 Gibson Flying V is in 100% all original condition, including; the original slab mahogany body, the original 1-piece mahogany neck, the original Cherry Red finish, original Rosewood fingerboard with original large frets, original pointed headstock with black-painted front, original offset serial number (001764), original Pat. No. hum bucking pickups with original chrome covers, original double-line/double-ring Kluson Deluxe tuning machines, original chrome ABR-1 tune-o-matic with metal saddles, original short Maestro Vibrola with plastic-tip arm, original chrome insert bonnet knobs, original unmodified 3-ply (w/b/w) pickguard, all original electronics with original pots and solder joints, and the original faultless case with yellow plush interior.

This is an uncirculated instrument which has not been cleaned nor detailed in any way. The original transparent Cherry Red finish is unfaded and extremely vibrant. It exhibits expected playing and case wear, but if one were to lightly clean this guitar, it would look incredible.

It plays great and sounds amazing. It has a 1 9/16″ nut width, as all ’67 Flying Vs, however ,it has a deep slim taper profile which is highly comfortable and feels larger than a traditional post-’65 Gibson instrument with the less-wide nut. The factory large frets make playing a breeze, and this era hum bucking pickups certainly rival PAFs.

Serial Number: 001764
Pot Codes: 137 6620
Body Pencil Number: “534 (unintelligible signature)
Pickup Measurments: 7.26Ω/neck 7.27Ω/bridge
Weight: 6 lbs. 2 0z.