1967 Gibson ES-330 TDC

This is a vintage 1967 Gibson ES-330 TDC hollow body electric guitar. This 100% ALL ORIGINAL example, serial number 069547, is in extremely excellent condition. This incredibly attractive ES-330 features a very unique rich cherry finish that appears accentuated by the stunning grain pattern of the maple beneath. While this guitar may not conform with the definition of mint condition, it is most definitely the next best thing. This no-issues guitar is a strong 9/10.

This ES-330 is perfectly intact with no originality issues, no breaks, no repairs, no nothing. While it is impressively well-preserved, it would be a shame if this guitar wasn’t owned by a player, because this guitar is about as good as they get.

This particular ES-330 features: a cherry finish, (2) P-90 pickups, a maple body construction, a 1-piece mahogany neck with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, chrome hardware, a Gibson Tun-O-Matic bridge with nylon saddles and original retaining wire, original witch hat knobs with silver inserts, original double-line Kluson Deluxe tuning machines with attractively yellowed plastic buttons, original trapeze tailpiece, a thick 4-ply (b/w/b/w) pickguard, and a desirable early-mid 1960’s elephant-hide/large grain hard case.

This guitar plays amazingly well, sounds fantastic and looks beautifully crisp. The slim taper neck profile feels great, and both P-90 pickups are loud, efficient, rich, yet articulate and pronounced. The guitar weighs an incredibly light 6 lbs. Although the nut width on these models is typically 1 9/16″, this example features a slightly wider nut, about 1 9.18/16″. And while it might seem like splitting hairs, even the slightest adjustment in nut width makes a huge difference in feel, and this guitar feels great. The slim taper neck also enhances the general feel of the neck, and with .903/10″ depth at the 1st fret and 1 1/10″ at the 12th, the guitar feels more like an early 1960s Gibson than one from the late 60s. The guitar was just professionally setup with Pyramid .009s, and it feels remarkable. It is a great instrument.

The cherry finish is still very vibrant and rich, while the binding has aged to a beautiful creamy patina. As can be seen in the photos, the finish has no faded in the slightest, and it is just as intact as it was when made over 40 years ago. There is almost no wear on the guitar other than some odd neck wear that looks like it was caused from poor storage and a little clear coat peel around the input jack. The original block inlays are in great shape as is the chrome hardware (bridge, tailpiece, pickup covers, pickguard bracket.) Once again, this guitar weighs a featherweight 6 pounds even, and feels absolutely remarkable.

This guitar features a somewhat rare detail of a small black plastic pickup selector switch ring, which is sometimes seen around stop tailpiece stud sockets as well.

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