1967 Fender Telecaster

Here is a vintage 1967 Fender Telecaster electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 208108, is in very nice 100% all original condition and features; the rare original Bigsby vibrato factory upgrade, a maple cap fingerboard with nitrocellulose finish, and a rare Sunburst body color, as well as, the original hard shell case. Considered by many Telecaster enthusiasts to be one of the most classic Tele varieties, the particularly attractive Sunburst aesthetic, which is more common on Tele Customs (with binding), makes a traditional Tele seem almost boring.

Serial Number: 208108 (F Plate)
Neck Date: 3 NOV 67 B
Pot Codes: 137 6642 (CTS)
Weight: 8 lbs. 6 oz.
Neck Pickup Resistance/Output: 3.88Ω
Bridge Pickup Resistance/Output: 5.88Ω

This ’68 Fender Telecaster features: a 3-tone Sunburst Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish Ash body, a rare Maple-cap fingerboard & maple neck, factory Bigsby vibrato upgrade, complete cloth wiring, gray bobbin bridge pickup, “F” tuning machines, all original hardware, and the original hard shell case.

With absolutely no modifications whatsoever, this is a very appealing perfectly intact example. With moderate authentic playing wear, including; arm wear, pick wear around the bridge plate, very minimal belt buckle wear, fingerboard wear, and neck wear, this guitar’s mojo is the absolute archetype for what a great relic should aspire to re-create, with mild and subtle consistent patina, yet without significant or unsightly cosmetic defects.

The maple cap neck feels incredibly comfortable, resembling a soft C-contour profile shape with a medium depth, the neck exemplifies that perfected worn-in feel that can only be achieved by decades of real playing. As introduced in late-’65, this neck features large factory fret stock. While there is fret wear, there is a very substantial density/height remaining, and the guitar is extremely easy to play.

Even with the extra weight added by the Bigsby hardware, the guitar still weighs an average 8 1/2 pounds. Though factory Bigsby Teles are usually not outfitted for the traditional string-through design, this guitar is actually quite resonant. It sounds acoustically good not plugged in, and quite good when it is. The pickups are well-balanced, and even though the resistance of the neck/bass pickup is lower than normal, the volume output does not reflect any such inconsistency.

On a somewhat strange note, this Tele has an odd factory stamp under the pickguard that reads, “666.” Clearly original, and obviously not meeting the requirements for either a factory refin inventory number, or special order designation, it has consistently appeared on Teles from this era (circa ’67-’68) with original Bigsby vibrato tailpieces.