1967 Fender Tele

This is a vintage 1967 Fender Telecaster electric guitar. This particular Tele, serial number 206750, has had the finish removed from the body, but is otherwise all original. Perfect for players or for those interested in an easy restoration, this guitar represents an awesome opportunity to get a fantastic vintage Telecaster with a factory Bigsby, and then paint it the color of your choice! This fine Tele still retains a 100% all original maple cap neck with original nitrocellulose lacquer finish and decal, a valuable part which alone has $2,000.00+ value.

Serial Number: 206750
Neck Date: SEP67
Pot Codes: 3046637
Weight: 8 lbs 2 oz
Pickup Resistance: bridge 5.94Ω, neck 7.15Ω

As mentioned above, this guitar is in very nice original condition. The body has been stripped, rather than sanded, which is quite fortuitous because this process leaves original contours perfectly intact, with much of the original polyurethane undercoat still on the body. Since this is a factory Bigsby model, the Ash body is not a strings-through version. The original Blonde finish is present in all of the cavities and neck pocket, so it may be possible to restore outer finish only. There are no added holes, routes nor modifications made to the body aside from the removal of the original Blonde finish.

The guitar plays and sounds great. The original maple cap neck feels fantastic, with the original frets displaying plenty of life. The Bigsby is a blast, and this Tele produces plenty of twang. Though oxidized and worn, all of the hardware is original. The pickguard is original and in perfect structural shape.