1967 Fender Princeton Reverb -Amp

This is a vintage 1967 Fender Princeton Reverb electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number A16888, is in very excellent all original condition, and includes a vintage Fender cover! This well preserved example happens to sound as good as it looks. Though only recently reissued, the Princeton Reverb has long been a favorite amongst guitarists seeking great tone at low volumes in a convenient compact package. Perfect for small intimate live performances, recording and studio applications, and in-home practice, the Princeton Reverb is coveted for being the smallest Fender combo amp to produce quintessential “Blackface” tone with Reverb. This investment-quality amp will continue to consistently increase in price, so hurry and buy a super clean example before it becomes too expensive to enjoy!

Serial Number: A16888
Tube Chart Date Stamp: QC (March 1967)
Transformer Codes: -606-6-46, -606-6-18, –606645
Speaker Date Code: Oxford date sticker is concealed by blue Fender “Special Design” label

The cosmetic condition of this amp is really quite pristine. The vinyl tolex exterior is in very excellent shape, with only a few light scuffs/blemishes. The grill cloth is also perfectly intact, and has evenly faded from a bright silver to an attractive shade of a rich earth tone version. Though the grill appears perfect, there is one incredibly small snag. The hardware is also in excellent condition with almost no oxidation. The chassis is also extremely well-preserved with zero oxidation.

The amp sounds great. It is loud, efficient, clean, warm, etc: everything you would expect from a great Princeton Reverb. It breaks up organically when the volume it pushed past “6,” but otherwise produces a very sweet an musical warmth. The rich Reverb is silky smooth with incredible depth. The original speaker is nice and tight, and does not exhibit even the slightest symptoms of fatigue.

The amp was inevitably serviced some time ago, which included; a few replaced resistors, and two replaced power tubes. Other than that, this amp is all original! Included is an early ’70s era ‘Princeton’ cover. The cover fits the amp fine and looks great!