1967 Fender Princeton Reverb -Amp

This is a vintage 1967 Fender Princeton Reverb “AA764” electric guitar amplifier. This pristine example is literally 100% ALL original: from all transformers to every capacitor to each individual resistor, nothing besides the tubes on this amp has been modified nor repaired. Do not miss this opportunity to purchase one of the best amplifiers of all time in museum-quality condition.

Serial Number: A 18314
Tube Chart Date Code: QH (August 1967)
Oxford Speaker Code: 465-704 (Oxford)
Transformer Codes: -606-7-19, 022913, -606-7-21.

This beautiful AA764 Princeton Reverb is in near mint all original cosmetic condition. The silver grill cloth is in perfectly intact unfaded condition. The black vinyl tolex is in pristine physical shape, with no evidence of tears, rips, nor discoloration. The “Fender Musical Instruments” face plate is perfectly straight, with no dents. The white screen is extremely crisp, and there is only a minimal amount of wear. All of the original knobs are clean. The original chrome hardware exhibits minimal oxidation. Even the bottom of the amp is unscratched and near mint. Although this beautiful amp is not exactly flawless, it is about as nice as they come, and it would be near impossible to find a better example.

As stated, this original owner amp is in 100% original condition. Every part is original to this amp. Unfortunately, the original tubes were removed for preservation, and while there are replacement tubes currently in the amp, the originals are included in this auction and will be shipped with the amp.

In addition to looking near perfect, this amp works and sounds perfect. The amp is extremely efficient, and does not need to be serviced nor repaired. The original Oxford speaker sounds great: it is crisp and tight, and does not produce any speaker fatigue noise or voicecoil distortion. The amp is very warm and robust, and while it retains a beautiful clean tone at most volumes, once pushed past 5, the amp becomes compressed and harmonically rich. The quintessential Fender Reverb sounds amazing and the Vibrato is strong and pleasant. All controls work perfectly with no dirty pot noise or usual scratchiness. The footswitch also works without complication.