1967 Fender Dual Showman

This is a vintage 1967 Fender Dual Showman -Amp electric guitar amplifier head and matching 2×15″ JBL D130F-loaded cabinet. This particular example, serial number A 22991, is in near mint, incredibly impeccable, 100% all original condition, and includes the original black vinyl Victoria protective covers, as well as, the original brown vibrato footswitch with the corresponding original matching speaker cable. I purchased this transitional Dual Showman from the original owner’s nephew approximately 10+ years ago, and I’ve always really appreciated it’s pristine and perfectly preserved condition, in addition to it being an incredibly rare blackface variant with early silver face era grille cloth. Having only owned several other Fender amps with these transitional appointments, this was the finest specimen of all, so it has remained in my collection for quite some time.

Serial Number: A 11578
Tube Chart Stamp: N/A
Transformer Codes: 606707, -606-7-23, 606730
Cabinet Serial Number: P17523
Speaker Serial Numbers: 30471, 35536

Several years after CBS acquired Fender in ’65, the blackface aesthetic evolved into the silverface detailing which dominated the entire decade of the ’70s. While most feel this silverface control panel was introduced simultaneously with both a drip-reail trim and single blue-stripe grille cloth, there was a very brief transitional period where the previous black and silver striped grille cloth was being reserved for smaller amps with more easily covered baffles. This resulted in several batches (under 100 total pieces) of Fender amps with larger baffles being shipped with all Blackface appointments and the newer blue-stripe grille cloth. Unusual and extremely rare, this is the amp for a true collector.

When I procured this gem, it was entirely 100% all original. It worked well, but clearly need several electrolytic capacitors replaced. This was executed by my tech, and the originals are still included. Aside from the replacement of the original Astron electrolytics, which are included as mentioned, this amp remains in 100% all original shape, including all vacuum tubes, all other caps, all transformers, and all hardware.

Without a doubt, this Dual Showman is the best vintage Fender amp for both bass and extremely clean guitar tones. The pair of JBL D130F speakers translate any signal in it’s purest form with the least amount of distortion. Incredibly crisp with immaculate articulation, no other vintage amp can deliver such clarity.