1967 Epiphone Riviera ES360-12

This is a vintage 100% all original 1967 Epiphone Riviera ES360-12 vintage electric guitar in a beautifully intact Sparkling Burgundy finish! This 100% original example, serial number 878502, is Epiphone’™s equivalent to a Gibson ES335-12, however, it features mini-humbucking pickups, as opposed to the more common traditional size humbuckers. Epiphone guitars featuring Sparkling Burgundy finishes are rare to begin with, however, finding an excellent example that has not faded is particularly difficult. Usually, the rich plum red color notoriously fades to an unattractive bronze version. This beautiful example includes the original, and also quite rare, smooth gray tolex hard case. Do not miss this opportunity to buy an exceptional example for a very reasonable price, well below that which would be asked by dealers and other retailers.

Essentially a Gibson ES-335, this Riviera’s semi-hollow maple body construction features a solid maple block. Though post-’65 necks typically have a 1 9/16″ nut width, this guitar has a slightly wider neck to accommodate for the extra strings. The neck is perfectly straight, and the original frets display expected light playing wear on the first five frets. Both pickups sound incredible: with more clarity and a more robust tone than a P-90, yet with a more refined clarity than larger traditional humbucking pickups, the mini-humbuckers combined with the solid block create a fantastic long-sustaining bark, which is completely unattainable with an Epi Casino or Gibson ES-330, and substantially different from it’s ES335-12 counterpart.

The guitar is very light, and weighs 8 pounds and 2 ounces. The white binding has attractively yellowed to a rich cream color. The finish displays typical weather-checking patterns on the body and neck. The back of the neck is slightly faded due to light playing wear. The original chrome hardware is in very excellent well-preserved condition, as is the corresponding plastic parts.

Perfect for collectors and players alike, this is a fantastically functional instrument and a great investment opportunity.

As mentioned above, also included is the original hard shell case, which is in correspondingly excellent all original and perfectly functional condition.

ES330, ES-330, ES335, ES-335, ES-360