1967 Epiphone Riviera ES-360TD

This is a vintage 1967 Epiphone Riviera ES-360TD vintage electric guitar in a beautifully intact Sparkling Burgundy finish! This 100% original example, serial number 879789, is Epiphone’s equivalent to a Gibson ES-335, however, it features mini-humbucking pickups, as opposed to the more common traditional size humbuckers. Epiphone guitars featuring Sparkling Burgundy finishes are rare as it is, however, finding an excellent example that has not faded is particularly difficult. Usually the rich plum red color fades to an unattractive orange red with a hint of gold.

The Epiphone Riviera has been widely used and appreciated for almost 50 years. Essentially a Gibson ES-335, this Riviera’s semi-hollow maple body construction features a solid maple block. Though the mahogany neck sports a post-’65 (1 9/16″) nut width, the neck profile is fairly deep, and it comfortably fits in your hand without feeling small. The neck is perfectly straight, and the original frets display expected light playing wear on the first five frets. Both pickups sound incredible: with more clarity and a more robust tone than a P-90, the mini-humbuckers combined with the solid block create a fanstastic long-sustaining bark, which is completely unattainable with an Epi Casino or Gibson ES-330. The original Epi Maestro Vibrola vibrato is setup extremely well: sensitive, yet easily controlled.

The guitar weighs 8 pounds and 6 ounces. The white binding has attractively yellowed to a rich cream color. The finish displays typical weather-checking patterns on the body and neck. The back of the neck is slightly faded due to light playing wear. Since the guitar has been stored in a case for the last 25+ years, the original nylon saddles had deteriorated, and were replaced with recently replaced with a set of brass saddles. The guitar comes with a non-original vintage soft case, and will be packed accordingly.

ES360, ES360TD, ES-360-TD, ES335, ES330, ES-330