1967 Astro Amp Astrotone

Here is an incredibly rare vintage 1967 Astro Amp Astrotone fuzz pedal by the Universal Amplifier Corp. More commonly recognized as the red, less sculpted, Sam Ash Fuzzz Boxx, this early version was produced concurrently with the ever illustrious Sola Sound MKII ToneBender, and is equally as impressive, attractive and collectible. Having owned thousands of vintage fuzz pedals, I have only owned two Astrotones, and this is the cleanest I have ever seen. Finding another one may take a lifetime of searching, and finding a better, cleaner example will not be possible, so take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to own the coolest vintage fuzz pedal ever made, because the chance won’t be available again!

Though the original CTS potentiometers within display a late-1966 production date code (1376647), the pedal is stamped “March 27, 1967” by the on/off stomp switch, which is associated with the date of completion.

Perhaps most unique is the sound of this pedal. While mid-60’s germanium transistor fuzz pedals are splattery, mean, uncontrollable and awesome, the Astrotone is most likely the first to use a schematic that really enhances a focused and naturally gated fuzz with a refined sensibility that sounds ridiculous for chords and really quite refreshing for single note solos. With a super linear sustain quality, playing through the pedal, and into a clean amp is really a fantastic sonic experience. The pedal is simply superior to others in this sense, and it different enough from a ToneBender to really offer a naturally desired alternative. Similarly, this pedal is really great with the volume on the guitar turned back a bit, and it really cleans up with more presence, creating the illusion of a total different style pedal.

This example is in extremely excellent condition with the original control knobs and the original bottom plate. The original rubber anti-skid pad is also original and intact. The screen-printed font and graphics are crisp, intelligible and attractive.

Visually and aurally breathtaking, this is a must have for all you pedal connoisseurs like myself, and with MK1.5 and MKII ToneBender achieving a value of $5,000-$6,000, this pedal is an obvious deal!