1966 Vox AC50

Here is a vintage 1966 Vox AC50 electric guitar amplifier head. This particular example, serial number 05739, is in extremely excellent near mint all original condition, and includes the original Vox vinyl cover, the original power cable, and the original speaker cable!

Serial Number: 05739 Chassis Number: 2349

This ’66 Vox AC50 head features: a rough black tolex, a grey “etched and filled” control panel, black diamond grill cloth, Woden transformers, original hardware, the -V-O-X- plastic logo, the original Vox vinyl cover, the original power cable, and the original speaker cable.

With a dual EL34 power section, this AC-50 produces remarkable tone. An abundance of overdrive capable of surprisingly loud volumes offers healthy competition for a Marshall JTM50. However, it also has inherent VOX chime and articulation, which gives it a unique voice with highly recordable tone. Great for either live performance or the studio applications, the VOX AC-50 is highly underrated UK amp, which is in many ways just as good as an AC-30. This example works perfectly, and aside from a minimal expected maintenance requiring the replacement of several capacitors, it remains in excellent original external and internal shape.

The original rough black tolex is near perfect. The original black diamond grillecloth is structurally intact, not faded, and extremely well preserved. The original -V-O-X- plastic logo is also intact and super clean. All of the plastic corners are in perfect condition, which is quite rare. The grey control panel is in nice condition without any overly distracting flaws, though it exhibits the infamous non-use related oxidation.