1966 Silvertone Model 1483

Here is a vintage 1966 Silvertone Model 1483 bass guitar amplifier. This particular example, chassis number 185.11030, is in good vintage condition, and has been completely gone-through and serviced to become the absolute tone monster it is now! With replaced caps, fresh tubes, an upgraded power cable, the common speaker jack cable replacement, and a replacement output transformer (the original included), this 1×15″ Silvertone is an incredible sounding amp. With saturated sustain and exorbitant overdrive, the 1483 is the unsung hero of all the piggyback Silvertone models. Like all amps originally intended for use with bass, this amp is much better for guitar.

Speaker Code: 137 649 (Jensen)

This ’66 Silvertone 1483 utilizes: (1) 5Y3, (2) 6L6, (2) 12AX7, and (1) 6FQ7 tubes through the original 1 x 15″ CTS 15″ speaker with the original cone.

Perhaps otherwise most similar to the 1484 Twin Twelve, in that both have (2) 6L6 tubes and produce comparable wattage, this amp does not come with the notoriously temperamental reverb/trem circuit. In my opinion, this is a good thing. Silvertone reverb rarely works, and when it does, it produces more feedback than effect itself. The single 15″ also translates better for full-range tone with massive bass response. It easily achieves a monstrous wall-of-sound crunch better than 99% of Supro Thunderbolts.

The original grill cloth was replaced many years ago, though the original Sears/Silvertone badge was re-installed. It is missing one knob, and had a jack plate and an input jack added for convenient use. Otherwise, it is quite presentable, and it looks fine, but would not be recommended for those who prefer all original examples. This amp is about tone. It has been tuned and maintencnaced to produce the best sound possible above all else.