1966 Silvertone 1457 (Danelectro)

This is a vintage 100% ALL ORIGINAL 1966 Silvertone 1457 electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 1016, is in very excellent all original condition. While the 1457 often came with the matching “amp-in-case”, this guitar is being sold alone without any additional accessories. This exact model has enjoyed recent popularity thanks to heavy exposure from Mick Jagger using one on tour and Beck also playing a similar version with one pickup. These budget Silvertones have always been great bargains as they represent classic vintage Danelectro tone and function for a very reasonable price.

The 1457 amp-in-case refined the attempt begun by the 1449 to have a double pickup model. While the amp was also enhanced, the paint scheme for the guitar was different, with the ‘redburst’ and glitter. Poplar wood sides, neck and bridge block stapled together, covered in 3/8″ masonite, Top and back painted but the sides covered in vinyl to hide unpainted poplar wood frame (just like their Danelectro counterparts.)

This particular guitar also features:
The famous Lipstick pickups with an alnico bar magnet and coil measuring on average 4.75k ohms- wrapped in brown vinyl placed inside surplus, chrome plated “lipstick” tubes, concentric volume and tone controls with white knobs, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, non-adjustable steel truss rod, Chrome plated bridge, rosewood saddle. 6-in-a-line enclosed “skate key” tuners with stamped metal buttons, Aluminum nut and strap buttons.

The original CTS pot codes, 137 6532, indicate a mid ’65 production date.

This guitar plays great and sounds surprisingly nice. The original 17th fret was hammered in poorly on the treble side, and causes the guitar to fret out on the 2 highest strings in the 16th position. This can easily be resolved by removing and reinstalling, or just replacing. As stated, it still plays great in all other positions. The neck is straight and the radius is basically flat, so it feels great for all types of playing and enable effortless string bending.