1966 La Baye 2 x 4 Six

Here is a vintage 1966 La Baye “2 BY 4 = ‘SIX'” electric guitar. Perceived as a whacky novelty instrument line, the La Baye series of stick guitars was an almost immediate disaster, and since it was effectively a failure, very few instruments were produced. Several sources suggest an approximate production at 45 total instruments, which includes; the 12-string guitar model, the 4-string bass model, and this 2 BY 4 = “SIX” string model. Jokingly used by Tommy James and the Shondells, a band called The Robbs, and later by DEVO guitarist Bob Mothersbough, this Wurlitzer-related solidbody is one of the coolest ’60s creations.

Produced for a single year between ’66-’67, the Holman-Woodell company (best known for producing Wurlitzer electric guitars), produced the La Baye line in conjunction with the concepts provided by Dan Helland. Dealers weren’t necessarily interested in carrying the guitars, and the ’67 NAMM show proved to be an embarrassment. All of the features and appointments are identical to those found on concurrently produced Wurlitzer guitars, with the same Sensit-Tone pickups, and Holman tremolo hardware.

This guitar displays actual playing wear, as well as, the notorious finish flaking. Surprisingly, the guitar plays quite well, with very low action, and a perfectly straight neck. The pickups sounds great, and the guitar has tons of vibe.