1966 Herman Miller File Cabinet

Here is a vintage 1966 Herman Miller file cabinet for George Nelson’s Comprehensive Storage System. This exceedingly rare CSS file cabinet in Walnut with olive and green accent panels features aluminum mounting brackets and refined details. Those whom are familiar with George Nelson furniture, particularly Action Office pieces and CSS units, will comprehend the rarity of this magnificent piece. Modular in every respect, place this filing cabinet at a height which enables concurrent use as a shelf. It is in nice all original condition, though it does display use and storage wear. This piece was purchased along with an entire set of George Nelson Action Office furniture belonging to a well-known Las Vegas architect. It bears repeating, that this particular piece is extremely rare. Highly practical, and a must have for your monumental piece of mid-century furniture.

Dimensions: 47″ wide x 14.75″ tall x 12.75″ deep (all measurements are without hardware mounting brackets) Shallow depth to compensate for the hinged lid.

It does not include any original file hangers within, though I have found it quite easy to make due without if I didn’t spend the $100 to have my local machinist fabricate a collection of exact spec. pieces.