1966 Fender Twin Reverb

Here’s a vintage 1966 Fender Twin Reverb- Amp AB763 electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number A05098, is in excellent all original condition and includes the original dual-function VIB/REV footswitch. Appropriately considered the irrefutable king of clean, the Blackface Twin Reverb has always been synonymous with an abundance of clear headroom with highly musical qualities. The same attributes that make the Twin Reverb notably perfect for surf-inspired pristine guitar tone, are the same that render it appropriate for use with pedal steel, effects pedals, and any other application whereby the most authentic signal path is desired. Impressively not too harsh, nor hi-fi in character, the Twin Reverb is loud, dynamic, clean, robust, and perhaps offers the best examples of both the Reverb and Vibrato effects. Original Twin Reverbs in comparable condition are nearly impossible to find.

Serial Number: A05098
Tube Chart Stamp: PG (July 1966)
Speaker Codes: 220615, 220616 (Jensen)
Transformer Codes: 606601, 8316605, -606-6-18, –606612

This ‘€™66 Fender Twin Reverb still retains the original power tubes, including: a matched quartet of RCA Blackplate 6L6 power tubes, (3) 7025, (2) 12AT7, and (1) 12AX7 tubes through the original matching 2 x 12″ Brown and Gold label Jensen Special Design€ speakers.