1966 Fender Super Reverb -Amp

This is a vintage 1966 Fender Super Reverb guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number A18950, is in excellent vintage cosmetic condition and includes the original paperwork and the original Fender amp cover! With respect to originality, this amp is extremely intact and retains 99% of the original electronic components: it is ALL original aside from several replaced electrolytic capacitors and several tubes. The amp sounds just as great as it looks, and is without a doubt the best bang for the buck with respect to vintage blackface Fender amps.

Serial Number: A18950
Transformer Codes: 606625, -606-6-30, 606619, –606621
Speaker Codes: 091366
Production/Assembly Stamps: FO3766, FO78966, RO74667, SB4066, T?44066
Assembly Signature: SH (Sam Hutton)
Reverb Tank Date Code: 6632

The black vinyl tolex exterior is in excellent condition with pretty much no significant wear worth mentioning, aside from a couple very small snags on the bottom. The edges are crisp and void of damage, dents, scrapes and snags. The silver stripe grill cloth has faded evenly and gives it a very attractive vintage appeal. There are a few small snags/tears in the grill, but nothing too serious.

The control panel is crisp and clean with very few blemishes, with the most obvious one being a surface scrape over “Reverb.” All of the hardware is in nice condition, the chassis is quite clean, with no evidence of damage, and minimal signs of oxidation. The clean chassis does not display indications of leaky/exploded capacitors or over-heating form transformers.

The amp retains the original 10″ CTS speakers with original cones. The speakers are efficient, loud and very responsive. The amp was recently inspected by an amp tech who determined it was in perfect functional condition, and did not need servicing.

The Fender Super Reverb was Fender’s largest combo amp offered during the Blackface era. The Super Reverb Amp utilizes; (2) 6L6 (1) GZ34 (2) 12AT7 (3) 7025 and (1) 12AX7 tubes through 4 x 10″ speakers to produce a warm controllable sound.

As previously mentioned, the electrolytic capacitors have inevitably been replaced, the power tubes were changed and 3 pre-amp tubes were also replaced. Otherwise, the amp is completely original. Even the original 2-prong power cable is intact.

The amp works perfectly and sounds fantastic. Both the reverb and vibrato work and sound exceptional. The amp does not include the original VIB/REV footswitch.

Once again, the original Fender paperwork and the original Fender amp cover are included.