1966 Fender Super Reverb -Amp

Here is a vintage 1966 Fender Super Reverb -Amp electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number A17534, is in excellent all original condition and includes both the original footswitch, the original Vicotria protective vinyl cover, and an additional Tuki padded cover. Serviced for studio-ready use, yet maintained and preserved in beautiful original condition, any component that was necessarily replaced is also included. This blackface Super Reverb works perfectly and sounds incredible!

Serial Number: A17534
Tube Chart Stamp: NA
Speaker Code: A 829 66 (Fender Stamp)
Transformer Codes: 606618, 606621, –606624,-606-6-27

The Fender Super Reverb utilizes: (1) GZ34 rectifier tube, (2) 6L6 power tubes, (3) 7025, (2) 12AT7, and (1) 12AX7 preamp/phase/reverb tubes through (4) Oxford 10″ speakers. All transformers and all four speakers are in excellent original condition. The original 2-prong power cable has been upgraded to a high-quality industrial-grade 3-prong power cable, though it is clearly included. Even every last tube is original and functional.

As can be seen in the series of photos above, this amp is in beautiful condition. Aside from one very small snag in the original grill cloth, the amp could otherwise be confused as a new reissue. The original black vinyl tolex is in extremely clean condition, as is the case with the crisp control panel. The original chrome tilt-back legs are very clean, and void of typical unattractive oxidation. Both back panels are original and clean. Also, the original chassis and corresponding components are very clean and nicely intact.

The amp sounds incredible, and all four speakers are in excellent functional shape. The original speaker cones are very tight and extremely responsive with no speaker fatigue nor voice-coil distortion. The amp is loud, clean, and clear, yet not harsh nor brash. It is a very sweet sounding amp, with beautiful tone with the volume between 1-5, and quintessential Fender overdrive when turned up beyond that.