1966 Fender Pro Reverb -Amp

This is a vintage 1966 Fender Pro Reverb guitar amplifier. This vintage blackface Fender amp, serial number A 03310, is in very excellent original condition, works perfectly, and sounds fantastic. This particular example is in near pristine 100% original condition, with exception of the inevitable: several replaced capacitors, and several replaced preamp tubes. The excellent amp also comes with the original footswitch.

As previously stated, this nice intact example is all original, and features: original black tolex, original silver grill cloth, original Utah speakers (328 549), all original transformers (606 542,–606542, -606-5-47, -606-6-04), original tube chart (date stamp PB), and all original hardware. Both the chassis and the cabinet share identical production assembly stamp codes “F600666” and “T120766.”

During a recent professional maintenance by the previous owner, various capacitors were replaced, in addition to, the installation of a 3-prong power cable. Several Groove Tubes 12AX7s were used in the preamp section alongside several vintage tubes. The (2) NOS 6L6 Phillips power tubes do not appear to be original, however, they are very high quality and sound great.

The amp works perfectly and sounds amazing. The original Utah 12” speakers are crisp and efficient, and do not exhibit speaker fatigue or voice coil distortion. Having recently been serviced, the amp works great. All controls are smooth and void of intermittent activity or scratchy poor contact noise. The amp is loud and clean, and when the volume is turned up past 4 (on either channel,) it really opens up in a warm tube nature. The reverb is exceedingly rich and smooth, as it produces that quintessential Fender reverb, for which blackface Fender are most famous.

Cosmetically, the amp is beautiful. The tolex is intact, very clean, and undamaged. The silver grill cloth is slightly faded, yet still very bright. There are only 2 very small snags visible in the grill, otherwise it would be considered perfect. The blackface control panel is also beautifully intact, as it exhibits only minor wear around the input jacks and near the silk-screened logo. The tilt-back chrome Fender legs are clean, and display expected scratches and oxidation. The chassis is also very clean, and does not show the usual green oxidation. The back of the chassis still retains the original “200WATTS” sticker.