1966 Fender Precision Bass

This is a vintage 1966 Fender Precision Bass electric guitar. This particular custom color example, serial number 147385, is in extremely worn, though 100% all original condition and includes both the original pickup and bridge covers! With evidence of serious wear, tons of tarnish, distracting discoloration, and the same SSN hand-carved in several different places, this highly played example can be considered to exhibit major mojo and a vintage vibe that surpasses the most extreme of heavy relic reissues. The numerous dings, dents, scratches, etc., all contribute to its impressive array of scars and stories, yet somehow it remains 100% entirely original. This is a very likeable vintage player’s instrument, so for those who prefer to play their vintage investments without neurousis, this is an excellent candidate for consideration.

This ’66 Fender P-Bass, is in poor cosmetic shape while remaining in 100% all original condition and features all original parts, including: the aforementioned custom color Olympic White finish, a maple neck with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, a tortoise shell material pickguard with a shielding plate, reverse tuning machines, original pickups, original pots, original bridge/pickup cover, original frets, and original hardware.

Serial Number: 147385 (F plate)
Neck Stamp: 5 MAY 66 C
Pickup Stamps: 6-4-66
Potentiometer Codes: 137-6612 (man
Weight: 9 lbs. (with both covers)

As suggested by the inordinate amount of persistent playing wear, this bass is tons of fun to play. It is light weight, has a neck with a fantastic shape and profile, and it sounds quite good. The neck is straight, the truss rod works fine, and the original large frets have plenty of life remaining. The bass was recently setup and re-strung with Pyramid .045 roundwounds, and it sounds particularly punchy and present.