1966 Fender Esquire

This is a vintage 1966 Fender Esquire electric guitar. This particular MINT example, serial number 172101, is in 100% all original condition, and includes the original Fender hard shell case, original leather strap, original ashtray cover, original instrument cable, original Fender cloth and the original shipping box! This guitar is much finer than those considered “closet classics,” rather, this impeccable specimen looks as if it was removed from a time machine. This 45-year-old Esquire is mint with the original shipping box, and it is truly an incredible find.

Serial Number: 172101 (F-plate)
Neck Stamp: 3 SEP 66

Pot Codes: 304-6631 (Stackpole)
Weight: 8 lbs. 2 oz.
Pickup Resistance: 7.77Ω

As mentioned, this guitar is in pristine 100% all original cosmetic condition. How often do you find a vintage guitar this clean… with the original box?! As you could imagine, anything this well preserved would be exceedingly clean, but don’t let your imagination run wild, as you can simply reference the 100+ photos to your right to view the unbelievably intact condition of this fine instrument.

The original blonde finish is in perfect shape, showing no signs of wear, aside from the one single incredibly tiny ding on the front of the body near the input jack, caused by loose case candy. The neck is also in perfect condition and exhibits zero playing wear on the back and none whatsoever on the frets. As can be seen in the photos, there is some very light checking on the headstock only that is only visible when viewed at an angle. The rest of the body guitar does not display weather-checking, fading nor discoloration. The original pickguard is crack-free and the original hardware is extremely clean and void of oxidation.

All of the parts are original. The pickup works perfect and sounds amazingly efficient and fresh. It measures at 7.77Ω. All of the corresponding electronics also work flawlessly. The guitar weighs 8 lbs 2 oz.

The neck feels simply amazing. The action is low thanks to the perfectly straight neck and the exorbitant remaining fret life. The original case is in correspondingly mint and clean condition (although a bit dusty), as is the strap, cable, bridge cover, cloth… and even the structurally solid box!