1966 Fender 1 x 15″ Speaker Cabinet

Here’s a vintage 1966 Fender 1 x 15″ extension speaker cabinet. Nearly identical in size to a Fender Vibroverb with the identical speaker configuration, this rare factory 100% all original cabinet is an absolute must have accessory for a ’64 Fender Vibroverb, but also a fantastic complement for any Blackface combo amp. Of the several extension cabinets offered, the larger 15″ cabinet is the rarest and easily the most beneficial for a smaller Fender combo setup. The 15″ open back Fender cabinet also offers a unique bass response, which other closed-back piggyback setups can’t achieve. This cabinet sounds particularly great when used in conjunction with a concurrently produced Fender Deluxe Reverb. Perfect for Fender amp collectors, vintage amp enthusiasts, and studios with an affinity for the best, this is a rare piece that was produced in extremely limited quantities. I’ve owned 3 Fender Extension 12 cabs, but this is the only Fender Extension 15 I’ve ever seen.

The original Jensen Concert EM1501 15″ 8 Ohm AlNiCo speaker is in excellent functional, and it sounds great with no speaker fatigue nor voicecoil distortion. The speaker code is 220 609, indicating an early ’66 production. The original brown speaker cable is attached, and measures over 20′ in length for optimized and easy separation. In place of a tube chart, there is a blank paper attached with an “E-1001″ factory designation. The cabinet’s dimensions are exactly the same as a Fender Vibroverb’s, but is about 1/2” shorter in width, whereby the height and depth are consistent.