1966 Danelectro 3612

This is a vintage 1966 Montgomery Ward (Danelectro-made) 3612 electric 6-string bass guitar. This particular example is in very good 100% all original condition. With a 30″ scale length, the Danelectro 6-string bass instruments are inaccurately referred to as baritone guitars. This single-pickup copper 3612 is a really fantastic and simple 6-string bass guitar, also great for achieving the slightly shorter scale length of a Baritone-style timbre.

Potentiometer Codes: 137 6608
Weight: 5 lbs 15 oz

This ’66 Montgomery Ward (Danelectro-made) 6-String Bass guitar features; a hollowed Masonite body construction, a Poplar neck, a single AlNiCo “lipstick” pickup with a chrome cover, chrome hardware, quarter­sawn Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with factory large frets, and chrome “Skate Keys” tuning machines, a large white “seal” pick guard, original textured white/ivory binding, white plastic knobs, and the original trio of strap pins.

With low action and effortless playability, this 6-string bass is tons of fun to play. The lipstick pickup is super efficient and warm, however, it articulates and enunciates in a highly musical way. The pickup placement also has something to do with it’s unique voice, as other 2-pickup versions clearly have the pickups situated in otally different positions.

While this model 6-string bass is sometimes seen sporting the “Danelectro” of “Silvertone” brand upon the peg head, it’s possible that this non-decorated example was offered in the Montgomery Ward’s catalog. Idnentical otherwise, this is somewhat cooler because it doesn’t have any brand designations on the headstock.