1966 Ampeg SB-12

This is a vintage 1966 Ampeg Portaflex SB-12 (B-12) electric bass guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number 056674, is in very excellent 100% all original condition! Sure this immaculate original may look like a new Ampeg Heritage Series reissue, but don’t be fooled by the fresh appearance of the original exterior, as this near pristine example is an absolutely incredible, seemingly perfectly preserved, original ’66 SB-12! Ampeg is considered the ultimate in bass amplification, and this happens to be a near perfect all original example.

Serial Number: 056674
Speaker Date Code: 220652 (Jensen)
Transformer Codes: 9264949, 9265062

The blue diamond tolex exterior is in near perfect condition, with very few subtle scuffs. The grille cloth retains perfect structural integrity with only slight fading. Quite simply, this amp is extremely clean, approaching near perfect. It works perfectly, and sounds amazing. There is not a single issue with this amp, and it is worthy of the finest amp collection.

All of the tubes are original and have date codes consistent with a mid-’60s production. The amp includes the original dolly, which is in comparable perfect cosmetic condition as the amp itself.