1965 Vox Student Amp

For sale is this vintage 1965 Vox Student electric guitar amplifier. This particular Thomas Organ Co. example, serial number 961564, is in very excellent, near mint, cosmetic condition and was manufactured in Sepulveda, CA! This incredibly rare 2W amplifier only appears in one Vox catalog, and is estimated to have been produced in very limited quantities for a matter of months. Early Sepulveda-made tube Vox amps have always been coveted by tone fanatics, but even the most astute enthusiast was probably unaware that this model existed. Better yet, not only is this amp incredibly scarce, it also happens to be one of the best sounding small amps ever made, and will certainly out-perform a Tweed Champ, the amp most believe to be the small amp standard. Whether you’re a VOX collector or a studio searching for spectacular small amp tone, this is that special piece.

Serial Number: 961564
Transformer Codes: 37-6525, 37-6520

This Vox Student amp utilizes: (1) 35W4 original Vox rectifier tube, (1) 50C5 original Vox power tube, and (1) 12AU6 original Vox preamplifier tube through the original 1 x 7″ Vox “Bulldog” speaker.

Aside from the classic black diamond grill cloth, the appointments on this amp set it apart from the rest of the Vox line at the time. The grey forward-facing front panel pre-dated Fender’s silverface period, thought the general design approach was definitely inspired by Fender’s mid-’60s blackface amplifiers. The simple one knob volume control is as basic as it gets, but doesn’t leave you wanting for more.

This amp works perfectly and sounds incredible. Several caps have been replaced to maximize the efficiency and ensure original spec. functionality. Otherwise, it is 100% original: both transformers, all (3) tubes, and even the power cable. Tons of big British bite in a small cute package, this will easily contend with your Marshall Major in front of a microphone!

Sale Price: Sold