1965 Vox Speaker Cab (10″ Elac)

This is a N.O.S. mint condition 100% original 1965 VOX extension speaker cabinet with an original 10″ Elac speaker. Appropriate for an AC-4, an AC-10, a Pathfinder, or a Pacemaker. This very rare extension cabinet features a 10″ Elac speaker (just like one found in a twin AC-10 “Ten Twin”) and the classic aesthetic of mid-1960s JMI VOX amps. Perfect for VOX enthusiasts whom would prefer a period correct “stereo” experience, this is a must have.

As briefly mentioned, this particular cabinet is in N.O.S. mint condition. Never having been adapted for use, the original stereo cable was wrapped in the back of the cabinet when purchased. The original speaker cone is in perfect condition, as is the grill cloth, the vinyl exterior, the plastic “VOX” badge, and the original retailer’s badge.