1965 VOX AC30/6

Here is a vintage 1965 VOX AC30/6 Bass guitar amplifier. Perhaps the most desirable 1960’s combo amplifier ever made, the AC30 has been showcased on some of the most famous recordings of all time, and has become synonymous with the tone of classic British rock. This particular AC30 is in very excellent original condition, and sounds absolutely spectacular. Do not miss this rare opportunity to buy the sound that inspired generations of guitar players, in a physical presentation that’s fit for a museum.

Serial Number: 17660 (Cabinet), 9375 (Chassis)
Transformer Codes: 76852, 76854, 76853 (Woden)

This Vox AC30/6 features: a rough black tolex, a grey control panel, brown diamond grill cloth, silver Celestion speakers (Bulldogs), and VOX “Egg” footswitch. Aside from the usual and necessary electronic service, this amp is in beautifully intact original condition. All of the transformers, all pots, most capacitors, both speakers, Vibrato/Tremolo footswitch, and Westrex chassis are original and perfectly functional. One power tube was replaced along with a preamp tube, the originals are included, as well as, several capacitors. The only significant cosmetic flaw is the missing “Bass” badge from the front of the grill cloth. Otherwise, it is in extremely excellent shape. It is incredibly well-preserved for a Vox amp, and looks more like a reissue than an authentic original.

The amp sounds incredible, and proudly performs amongst the best I have ever heard. With shimmering, chiming, pleasant tone, for which the AC/30 has become famous, it cuts in a very attractive and musical manner. Very loud, efficient, and boasting incredible headroom, it is the only amp with amazing rhythm and lead tone, both of which sound great at all volumes. The Top Boost is widely acknowledged for creating an incredible dynamic, and really enhances the AC/30 all around.

The AC30/6 Bass model is identical to a traditional AC30, with the exception of several resistors in one of channels. It has a pair of 12″ Celestions, (4) EL84s, and all of the corresponding aesthetic components. In fact, I would actually recommend not using this amp with a bass as the speakers would not accommodate such frequencies.