1965 Silvertone 1485

Here is a vintage 1965 Silvertone 1485 electric guitar amplifier. This original hardwired head and cabinet piggyback matching set includes the original dolly and original mis-matched (Danelectro production) footswitch pedal. Boasted as the top-of-the-line Silvertone amplifier, as offered by Sears, the (6) x 10″ speaker model was appropriately called “SIX SPEAKERS,” and also sported twice as many power tubes, and three times as many speakers, as it’s less powerful counterpart, the much more common 1484 Twin Twelve. Famously used by Beck and Jack White, this model was nearly twice the price of a Twin Twelve. Consequently, this model is incredibly scarce, and finding an excellent example is quite difficult. This particularly well-preserved specimen is in extremely nice 100% all original condition.

Serial Number: 185.11050 (chassis number)
Speaker Codes: 1056 534 (Fisher, 10H-8, mid-’65)

Originally offered in the Sears catalog for a mere $239.95, the ’65 Silvertone 1485 remains an incredible bargain. While comparable amps (not that many can compete) are easily worth over $5,000.00, even the exact Danelectro-branded model, the DS-100, frequently sells for around $3,000.00 in excellent condition. Unlike the Silvertone Twin Twelve, the Silvertone Six Speakers 1485 wasn’t manufactured in such a robust supply, which renders them quite rare today.

The Silvertone 1485 features: (4) 6L6 Silvertone-labeled power tubes, (3) 12AX7 preamp/reverb tubes, and (2) 6FQ7 tubes through the original 6 x 10″ silver-frame Fishers with the original cones.

The overall cosmetic condition of this particular ’65 Silvertone Six Speakers is very nice. The original sparkle-accented Wheat-colored grillcloth is structurally intact, and void of the usual rips, tears, distress and fraying. The black spotted Silver tolex (like that of a Salt & Pepper Fender Mustang case) is also quite nice, with some very minimal evidence of storage wear. The cabinet is strong and sturdy, exhibiting no noise nor fatigue from sympathetic vibrations.

The amp works perfectly and sounds incredible. Not as loud as most would presume, the amp is not nearly as oppressive as a Fender Twin Reverb. It produces a rather pleasant loud tone with clarity and warmth. Somewhere in the same sonic spectrum as a high-power Tweed Twin, the 1485 manages to harness incredible output in a very attractive manner. Really sweet and bold, with humbucking pickups, yet articulate and clean with all other pickups, this amp can actually be surprisingly dynamic. Most certainly not a one-trick pony, this amp offers pretty impressive versatility, beyond the of most of it’s contemporaries. Having owned many, this is definitely one of the best I’ve heard.