1965 Kay K5921

This is a vintage 1965 Kay Model K5921 electric hollowbody bass guitar. This particular example is in extremely excellent 100% all original condition and includes the original soft case! This cool classic Kay features the most attractive finish option, Burnt Orange, and the best-sounding pickup configuration of the K592x models. With higher-quality hardware and construction techniques than most other Kay instruments, this particular K5921 is a great player’s piece that will be just as appreciated and useful as your current favorite bass. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to buy a great example in great condition, as these will certainly increase in value as the secret of their fabulous vibe and sexy sound will soon become common knowledge.

Pickup Stamp: 110165, 011764
Potentiometer Codes: 304-6521
Pickup Measurements: 6.11Ω, 6.56Ω
Weight: 7 lbs. 11 oz.
Scale Length: 30.25″

This Kay K5921 features: a laminated chambered maple body construction, the original vibrant “Burnt Orange” finish which is akin to Fender’s Fiesta Red color, (2) ultra-sensitive single coil “speed bump” (purportedly DeArmond-made) pickups, double-bound body (b/w/b) construction, wood pickguard with matching wood pickup control plate (later production example were re-designed to incorporate a traditional plastic pickguard), wood finger rest, bird beak pickup selector switch, (4) original silver insert black plastic knobs, a laminated “Thin-Lite” maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and offset block inlays, brass frets, adjustable rosewood bridge with nickel-plated metal cover, individual Kluson Deluxe tuning machines with plastic buttons, and the original two-tone soft case.

This no-issues bass is in perfect all original structural condition, with no breaks, no cracks, no repairs, nor modifications. It was recently setup, and plays far better than any Kay I’ve owned in recent history. Inspirational and enjoyable, this is a bass with which you will undoubtedly bond. The neck is perfectly straight, and the truss rod works perfectly should the bass be setup with heavier gauge roundwounds with more tension. Both pickups work perfectly, but the middle position is intermittent sometimes, and tends to not engage during the majority of attempts. This is clearly a switch issue, and it either needs to be serviced or replaced. Once again, the pickups sound great in both the neck and bridge position, and all other electronics work perfectly.