1965 Gibson J-50

Here’s a vintage 1965 Gibson J-50 flat top acoustic guitar. This particular example, serial number 364809, is in very good 100% all original condition and includes the original Gibson soft case! This guitar is perfectly intact, and void of any and all structural issues, including; breaks, cracks, and any repairs whatsoever! It is an absolutely no issues instrument. With subtle mojo, average playing wear, and cool weather-checking, this guitar has enough vibe for those who want an original and intact vintage guitar with personality.

This ’65 Gibson J-50 features: the standard spruce top, mahogany back and sides, a mahogany neck with a very comfortable slim taper profile, 3-in-a-row double-line Kluson Deluxe tuning machines with the original buttons, a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with factory large frets, a beautifully intact injection-molded pickguard, a Brazilian rosewood bridge with an adjustable ceramic saddle, original bridge pins, original single strap pin, original truss rod cover and original tuner ferrules; as stated, 100% original down to every last screw.

The guitar appears to have a dealer-installed strap pin added to the back of the neck, which was perhaps a more frequent practice than not. As the photos illustrate, this guitar has been played and used, but definitely not abused. With some light pick wear above the low-E string around the sound hole, some usual superficial dings, dents, and marks, as well as, edge wear on the headstock, this example has been nicely preserved, but is by no means a near mint example.

The neck feels atypically great considering its less wide 1 9/16″ nut width. Many suggest that there is a transitional moment in 1965 between when Gibson guitars go from featuring a 1 11/16″ nut width, to the smaller one mentioned prior, which possibly results in a 1 5/8″ nut, and while this particular nut measures a precise 1 9/16″, the neck depth is noticeably deeper. Creating a pleasant compromise, the more prodigious depth of the slim taper neck actually compensates for the smaller nut, and for that reason, the neck is instantly comfortable.

With absolutely no bellying nor structural fatigue of any sort, the top is perfectly flat, and the bridge is perfectly solid. The neck angle is dramatic and intact, with a super sold neck joint. The neck is perfectly straight, and the action is consistently low the entirety of the fretboard. In fact, the action is much like that of a great electric guitar, so it doesn’t get much better than that. As is the case with such incredbily low action, the inherent resonance and projection suffers somewhat, so the guitar is on the softer side at the moment, which can be adjusted accordingly. But with that being said, the guitar is evenly balanced with very strong sonics. Truly fantastic for heavy strumming, but equally great whilst playing softly, it’s an all around fine sounding instrument.

J50, J 50, J45, J 45, J-45