1965 Fender Tremolux -Amp

For sale is this vintage 1965 Fender Tremolux -Amp AB763 piggyback guitar amplifier with the original head and matching 2×10″ cabinet. This particular example, serial number A04169, is in absolutely impeccably mint 100% all original condition and includes; the original Victoria vinyl covers, the original footswitch, and the original speaker cable! The Tremolux is the smallest Fender piggyback amplifier and when released was the first Fender amp to feature a built-in effect. While this amp was finished in mid-1965, it features pre-CBS components, including the earlier “Fender Elect. Inst. Co.” black control panel and a duo of 1965 Oxford 10L5-1 speakers.

Serial Number: A04169 (head) & S10482 (cabinet)
Transformer Codes: 606438, -606-4-45, -606-5-13
Speaker Codes: 465-449 (Oxford 10L5-1)
Tube Chart Date Stamp: OF (June 1965)
Assembly Signature: SH (Sam Hutton)

This ’65 Fender Tremolux amp features an entirely matching original tube set, including; (1) Amperex (Mullard) GZ34, (2) RCA 6L6s, (1) GE 12AT7, (1) Mullard 12AX7, and (2) RCA 7025s, and (2) original 10″ Oxford 10L5-1 speakers.

Cosmetically, this amp is in extremely excellent, practically perfect, cosmetic condition and is easily the most impressive vintage specimen to be offered since similar examples were sold new nearly 50 years ago.

The black vinyl tolex is pristine and void of scuffs, dents, tears or discoloration. The silver grill cloth on both the head and cabinet is in immaculate structural shape, and has not faded in the slightest. All of the hardware is pristine including the original metal tilt-back legs.

This amp was thoroughly tested and it works perfectly and sounds incredible. The piggyback Tremolux has always been the underdog, and with respect to sound, it really does compete with the best Bassmans. This Tremolux is loud, efficient and pleasant. It performs well at both low and high volumes, and has a particular high-end sweetness other piggybacks lack. With less gain than a concurrent Bassman, the Tremolux offers a more universal tone palette with a less aggressive approach. Great sounding with most guitars, it is a really amazingly versatile amp.

Sale Price: Sold