1965 Fender Stratocaster

Here is a vintage 1965 Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. This particular example, serial number L77413, is in very excellent all original condition and includes; the original Fender “No Logo” hard shell case, the original whammy bar, the original polish cloth, and the original manufacturer’s hang tag! This very early ’65 Strat is the last pre-CBS variant, and features; a small headstock profile with the transitional Fender logo decal, a green pickguard, an L-prefix serial number, gray-bobbin pickups, pearloid dot fingerboard inlays, cloth-wiring, etc. This exceptionally fine example is not the cleanest in existence, nor is it mint, however, it is in very excellent all original shape, and would clearly make a great candidate for those who like to play their guitars, as well as, look at them.

Serial Number: L77413
Neck Stamp: 2 MAY 65 B
Pickup Dates: 1-7-65
Pot Codes: 304-6516
Weight: 7 lbs 11 oz
Pickup Resistance: 5.65Ω (bridge), 5.53Ω (middle), 5.39Ω (neck)

Recently purchased from the family of the original owner, this no issues example is both attractive and a fantastic player’s instrument. The bold 3-tone nitrocellulose sunburst finish is perfectly intact and veritably unfaded. It is very well-defined and quite beautiful. Amazingly, the finish also lacks typical weather-checking that can plague and compromise the finish integrity. The same coloring of the top is that which appears on the back. One very interesting, and particularly charming, detail is the original green guard, which gives the guitar a look more like that of a Spaghetti-logo ’63 than a large headstock ’65.

The neck is perfectly straight, as in, you’ve never seen a more precisely planed and fretted Strat in your life. For whatever reason, it is completely flawless. The original frets are clearly capable of longevity, and display very minimal wear, while the Brazilian rosewood fingerboard is gorgeous and somewhat thick. Though the headstock is super clean, the back of the neck does exhibit some usual playing wear along the edge. There are random and extraneous dings on the front and back of the body, however, the majority of the wear appears to be from the case itself. It is worn on its sides in a fashion similar to that which affects guitars confined to their case for long periods of time. If this wear wasn’t on the body, the guitar would probably rate a strong 9+/10, yet, since it is the most significant condition distraction, it is important to address. The guitar has the original 3-way switch, with all of the original corresponding plastic hardware in perfect structural shape with no cracks. The original case is in very good condition, but is missing the leather from the original handle, as well as, some of the orange material inside.

The guitar feels incredible, and sounds amazing. This era gray-bobbin pickup is actually very good-sounding, and the set in this Strat was arranged just right. Miraculously, the bridge pickup is the hottest with the most warmth, and it sounds absolutely incredible. The neck is medium to big in size and depth, but feels very comfortable, even for those who typically prefer smaller profile necks. The action is as low as it gets, and thanks to the perfectly straight neck, is an exemplary example of how a Strat should play. Normal with respect to weight, yet abnormally resonant with regard to its sustain, this is a true player’s dream.