1965 Fender Princeton Reverb -Amp

This is a vintage 1965 Fender Princeton Reverb -Amp (AA764) electric guitar amplifier. This particular pre-CBS sans-logo example, serial A03079, is in near mint 100% original condition and includes; the original footswitch and Fender hang tag! This incredibly pristine early-’65 example features all first-year characteristics, and is a very rare pre-CBS example. This incredible amp is becoming increasingly more difficult to find in such well-preserved time-capsuleesque cosmetic condition, so take advantage of this offer!

Serial Number: A03079
Transformer Codes: -606-4-39, 606435, -606-4-51 (all mid-late ’64)
Tube Chart: OB (February 1965)
Speaker Code: 465-503 (Oxford)

The Fender Princeton Reverb utilizes: (1) Mullard GZ34, (2) RCA (blackplate) 6V6s, (1) RCA 12AT7, (1) RCA 7025, and (2) RCA 12AX7 tubes through a 1 x 10″ Oxford 10J4-3 speaker.

As stated, this amp is in near mint condition and remains 100% all original. The speaker, transformers, electrolytics, power cable, and even the tubes are all original. Enthusiasts, collectors, and players alike will find this example quite attractive. It is a great sounding amp, and will always remain a choice investment. Enjoy all 50+ super high resolution photos, and remember, this is not a reissue, but an original pre-CBS example!