1965 Fender Jazz Bass

This is a vintage 1965 Fender Jazz Bass electric bass guitar. This custom color example, serial number L81114, features; a vibrant Candy Apple Red body finish with a matching C.A.R. headstock, original set of chrome pickup and bridge covers (heavy patina), and the original hard case. This is a very early C.A.R. Jazz Bass with an L-series plate, the earlier metallic silver undercoat, and mostly pre-CBS appointments. Generally, similar basses in similar configurations are post-CBS with bound necks, F-series neck plates/serial numbers, as well as, potentially large block inlays. With regard to cosmetic appointments, this bass is identical to that of a pre-CBS variant. Quite interestingly, this bass appears to have a vermillion fretboard, which was sometimes seen this era, though it is particularly rare. This is unique ’65 Jazz Bass is in very good collector condition, so don’t miss out!

Serial Number: L81114 (L-plate)
Pickup Dates: 6-11-65
Neck Date: 5 JUN 65 C
Weight: 9 lbs. 14 oz.

While not quite a pre-CBS production piece, all of the significant features are identical to those of a pre-CBS instrument, including: a nitrocellulose Candy Apple Red custom color finish on both the body and headstock, metallic silver undercoat, gray bobbin pickups, cloth wiring, a gold transitional decal, and a transitional unbound neck with pearloid dot inlays.

The original C.A.R. finish is incredibly rich and vibrant with some expected weather checking. At some point, the previous owner attempted to clean the finish with an slightly abrasive material, leaving superficial scratches in the clear coat. A few minutes of polishing the guitar removed quite a bit of the marks, and with a bit more polishing, I’m confident the new owner of this Jazz Bass can easily remove all evidence of said scratch marks. The matching C.A.R. headstock is in fair original condition, though there is some light over spray on the back of the headstock only, which was buffed/French-polished out. Aside from the aforementioned issues, and a single (1) changed pot, this bass is all original.