1965 Fender Jaguar

For sale is this vintage 1965 Fender Jaguar electric guitar. This particular pre-CBS example, serial number L85624, is in very good 100% all original condition, and includes the original “no logo” case, original tremolo arm, and original bridge cover. Remarkably attractive in classic Candy Apple Red with the matching headstock, it is quite obvious why Leo Fender himself claimed it to be his favorite. While it is a 1965 model technically made under CBS ownership, it still retains entirely pre-CBS attributes and production methods, including; pearloid dot inlays, an unbound Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, gray bobbin pickups, and cloth wiring. This 100% all original example has been lovingly played and enjoyed, and exhibits expected playing wear and finish fading, without which it would be priced much higher. So for those who are interested in both playing their vintage instruments, as well as, collecting them, this is a prime piece.

Serial Number: L85624
Neck Date: 1 MAY 65 B
Pot Codes: 137-6519
Pickup Resistance: 6.21Ω (bridge) 6.53Ω (neck)
Weight: 8 lbs. 8 oz.

This guitar is in good all original condition. If it weren’t for the small isolated playing wear on the back of the body (that happens to go through the C.A.R. topcoat only to reveal the metallic silver undercoat,) and some light fading marks also on the back from the foam of a factory applied body guard, then the guitar would be considered near excellent. The original finish is beautiful and intact with evidence of slight fading. The headstock displays small chips around the edge, which is notoriously common with matching headstock guitars, and the previous owner appears to have attempts novice nail polish touch-ups. The original pickguard is in pristine structural shape with no cracks nor warping. All of the original hardware is in very excellent condition with no oxidation.

The guitar plays surprisingly well, and all of the electronics were recently serviced to perform without scratching or dirty pot and switch noises. The action is remarkably comfortable, and while a single factory shim was included in the neck pocket, a more substantial shim was required to make the action as low as it currently is. The guitar sounds great, and all of the switches work perfectly.

The Jaguar was Fender’s top-of -the-line guitar. It features a very advanced electronic arrangement which was intended to make it the most dynamic guitar offered. A custom color Jaguar was the most expensive Fender instrument during this time, and while it might not have been the best investment, but subsequently it has become the best vintage guitar bargain around.

Sale Price: $3,750