1965 Fender Deluxe -Amp

For sale is this vintage 1965 Fender Deluxe -Amp “AB763” electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number A05441, is in very excellent original condition! This ’65 non-Reverb Deluxe is every bit as practical and fantastic as its Reverb-loaded counterpart. Though the Tweed variety is probably best known of all the possible generations, the Blackface version is quite an exceptional and amazingly versatile amp. Capable of both clean and crunch, this Deluxe is an all-around fantastic amp.

Serial Number: A05441
Tube Chart: OL (December 1965)

Speaker Code: 220541 (Jensen C12Q)
Transformer Codes: 606537, -606-5-39, -606-5-39

This ’65 Fender Deluxe -Amp utilizes: (1) GZ34, (2) 6V6s, (2) 7025, (1) 12AX7, and (1) 12AT7 tubes through the original 1 x 12″ (Blue frame/Gold label) Jensen C12-Q speaker.

As stated, this amp is in very excellent condition and remains 100% all original aside from (2) upgraded electrolytic capacitors, and recently replaced power tubes. The speaker, transformers, all of the caps on the hand-wired board, hardware, power cable, and all aesthetic appointments are original. The amp sounds great: it is loud, efficient, clean, warm, etc: everything you would expect from a great Blackface amp. It breaks up organically when the volume is pushed past “6,” but still retains a structured and non-collapsing overdrive. Very much an American equivalent to a VOX AC-15, it produces very sweet musical warmth. The original speaker is nice and tight, but may need to be re-coned, and meanwhile, we will be addressing possible non-invasive resolutions.

Enthusiasts, collectors, and players alike will find this example quite attractive. It is a great sounding amp, and will always remain a choice investment.