1965 Fender Bassman -Amp

This is a vintage 1965 Fender Bassman Amp. This 100% ALL ORIGINAL pre-CBS AA165 Bassman piggyback amplifier features the earlier “Fender Electric Instrument Co.” designation on the control panel, and an amazingly attractive combination of standard black tolex and silver grill cloth that now displays red/brown patina from years of being in a smoke filled studio. This particular example, serial number A10061, includes the original amplifier head, matching amplifier cabinet and original speaker cable. This fantastic amp is in very excellent all original condition.

Serial Number: A10061
Tube Chart Date Stamp: OH (August 1965)
Transformer Codes: 606-512, -606-5-13, 606513
Speaker Codes: 220604

As can be seen in the 100+ photos in the gallery to the left this Bassman is in excellent all original cosmetic condition. The amplifier head is in very excellent shape: the black tolex is completely intact with only a few visible tolled dings but no rips, tears, or modifications. The grill cloth is in near perfect shape with no fraying, no tears, no rips, no nothing. All of the hardware is original and in very nice shape. The original blackface panel is nice with expected, albeit very minimal, signs of wear. All of the white graphic is intact, legible and crisp.

As stated, this amp is in 100% ALL ORIGINAL condition. All transformers, capacitors (electrolytic included), resistors, tubes and power cable are all original. This is rare for a 20-year-old amp, let alone one that is approaching 50!

The matching speaker cabinet is in corresponding and matching beautiful shape. The grill cloth features the same smoke-induced fading as the head, and there are no rips, no holes, and no tears. The original Jensen brown-and-gold label “Special Design” 12″ speakers sound incredible with no fatigue or voice-coil distortion.

This example works perfectly, and sounds incredible for pristine and beautifully clear guitar at low to moderate volume levels, while also producing rich and saturated natural distortion at high volumes. While clearly intended for bass, the Bassman has always been a favorite amongst guitar players. Loud, powerful, and straight forward, it was the earlier tweed Bassman that inspired Jim Marshall to build his famous amps. The blackface versions are sometimes just as good for classic Rock, Blues, Punk and Indie music.

Included is the original speaker cable.