1965 Epiphone Olympic

This is a vintage 1965 Epiphone Olympic electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 550410, is a very nice budget vintage guitar. While it is not in 100% original condition, and happens to be missing several easily-restored parts, it is otherwise in very excellent cosmetic and structural shape with no breaks, no cracks, nor repairs, and no modifications.

Serial Number: 550410
Potentiometer Code: 1346546
Weight: 5 lbs 10 oz

As mentioned, this guitar is in perfect structural shape. The headstock is intact and unbroken, as is the case with the neck heel, and the body. The original Cherry Red finish is very attractive, and the guitar is very clean. The pickguard is original and intact, and includes the “e” logo, which often times falls off or is removed. The knobs have been replaced, and the Maestro vibrola has been removed (hence those 3 obvious holes below the bridge). The original chrome wrap around tailpiece is included, all of the electronics are original and perfectly preserved. The Kluson tuning machines are original, but the ferrules are missing. Also, the original strap pins are not included, and (2) non-originals have been installed.

The guitar plays great and feels fantastic. The nut width is 1 9/16″, but the profile is slim taper, which means it feel quite thick toward the 12th fret. The guitar includes a nice non-original rectangular hard plastic case with the name “Pepper Rabbit,” stenciled on the exterior.