1965 Eko 995 Violin Bass

This is a vintage 1965 Eko 995 Violin electric hollowbody bass guitar. In absolutely mint condition, this incredible vintage Eko bass comes with all case candy, including; original chrome bridge cover, Eko leather strap, original pamphlet, original string packet, original hard case with case keys, and even the original plastic wrap for the case. Clearly the Italian interpretation of the German-made Hofner violin bass famously used by McCartney, the Eko 995 features a super cool honey sunburst finish, a pronounced scroll style headstock, bold white plastic parts, and deluxe hardware. Finding another example is possible, finding a better example will not be. This bass was kept in like new condition for 50 years, as if it were literally hermetically sealed for half a century. Oh, and it plays perfectly with the original strings… the neck is straighter than an arrow, and the action is low and comfortable. This bass is ridiculous, and it a must have for any esoteric collector!