1965 Dynacord Cora

Here’s a vintage 1965 Dynacord Cora electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 2720184, is in very nice 100% all original condition. This impossibly rare Golden Dynacord Cora features incredibly stylized gold-plated tube metal tube body frame with matching gold hardware, and a colored body finish that best resembles Fender’s Fiesta Red. According to several sources, the total production of this particular variant (1965-1966) was estimated at less than 30. The more common version, which is highly relative considering it was also produced in extremely limited numbers, less than 100 total, is that which displays the less striking color configuration of a chrome body frame and black finish. This German-made (West Germany) sculptural guitar pre-dates the majority of Wandre influenced wacky instruments with regard to innovative and artistic electric guitar design, and is perhaps one of the most iconic.

While the guitar’s electronic components were made by Dynacord, and the hardware was designed by Schaller, the neck and the body could have been constructed by either Hopf or Welson, both of which had built other guitars for the primarily pro audio-oriented Dynacord company. To attest to this guitar’s scarcity, upon Googling this make and model, it is likely that only 3 different examples will be discovered. Not surprisingly, this is the one found in the photo alongside a black and chrome version, with the GuitarCrazy website watermark. According to some this guitar was manufactured as more of a marketing gimmick, to attract attention at trade shows, hence the model’s under-produced nature. Extremely rare is an understatement considering the infinitesimal total production.

This ’65 Dynacord Cora features: a gold-plated tube metal body design silhouette, an angular maple slab body, a large-profile laminated maple neck with a Fender-style headstock, 6-on-a-side individual tuning machines, a bolt-on neck construction, a rosewood fingerboard with offset dot inlays and zero fret, (3) Dynacord GTA 3 single coil pickups with individual on/off/tone/volume controls, a printed circuit board (PCB), a Schaller vibrato tailpiece with original tailpiece cover and original tremolo arm/whammy bar. It includes a hard plastic case, and though oversized, was apparently originally paired with the guitar. This may be due to the fact that a case order was never placed to satisfy such a limited run.

Interestingly, though this guitar appears to be more of a novelty instrument, it actually plays great and sounds fantastic. Hence the evidence of serious playing wear through the finish on the back of the body. Even the gold tubing has wear through the plating where it would rest atop your leg. This guitar displays evidence of having been drawn on with marker, which was later removed. Even though it is barely visible, the ghost of the original design still remains.