1965 Danelectro Longhorn Baritone

This is a vintage 1965 Danelectro 4623 Longhorn six-­string bass electric guitar. This particular BronzeBurst example is simply stunning. It is in impeccably pristine, near new, all original cosmetic condition, and is without a doubt the finest vintage Daleelctro­-made instruments I’ve ever seen. It includes the original case, and has been recently professionally setup with new strings.

With a 30” scale length, the Dano 6-­string bass guitar is commonly misnomered as a Baritone guitar. However, a bass six is perhaps both the more musical and most practical of the two scale lengths (baritone scale length being 28”), as it is tuned E-­to­-E, just like a guitar, only an octave lower. Hence, there is no need to transpose your parts on a six string bass, as you would be forced to do on a baritone. Also, the slightly longer scale length really enhances the richness and character of the 6-string bass.

This example is so incredibly clean, it’s brilliant appearance is like that of a brand new reissue. There is absolutely no evidence of use nor wear anywhere on this bass. There is literally no fret wear, not even the slightest bit on the first fret. Shy of maybe a couple very microscopic superficial marks, this Longhorn 6­string bass is perfect.

Featuring a hollowed Masonite body construction, a Poplar neck, dual AlNiCo “lipstick” pickups with chrome covers, a pair of concentric control knobs, chrome hardware, quarter­sawn Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with factory large frets, chrome “Skate Keys” tuning machines, and the original angular gray case.

While this exact model has been photographed being used by Steve Marriott, Dave Edmunds, and Marshall Crenshaw, there are countless recordings that have featured the perfect presence of a Danelectro 6-­string bass. Timeless in it’s application, the 6-string bass is just as relevant with regard to recording today, as it was when Danelectro first introduced the concept almost 60 years ago.