1965 Baldwin Professional Custom C1

Here is a vintage 1965 Baldwin Professional Custom “C1” electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number C01690, is in very good original condition. This is the same model amp that has accompanied Willie Nelson on stage for the last several decades, and has since become one of the most popular solid state guitar amps ever made. Though the colorful push buttons and large blue side panels provide the amp with a rather playful presentation, the variety of tones the Baldwin Professional produces is quite serious. With 5 different Supersound presets, a total of 31 permutations when combined, this amp is extremely versatile and incredibly dynamic. Since Baldwin’s approach was one which resulted from manufacturing organs, their perspective enabled an interesting position in solid state amp design. And just as Baldwin organs are known for featuring numerous tonal options, it is clear that this same principle was applied to the Baldwin C1 Professional amplifier. Incredibly practical for studio recording, and equally as great for live performances, just ask Willie, the Baldwin is certainly one of the best value vintage guitar amps available.

Most assume that the solid state nature would render this amp sterile or clinical, however, the Baldwin actually has a very attractive warmth and unique personality. It is surprisingly smooth and organic, and due to the transistorized schematic, has a very interesting overdrive when turned all the way up, in the manner of a silicon-transistorized fuzz pedal. Even the Tremolo and Reverb are very pleasant and decidedly better than most emplyed in popular tube amps.

This amp is in fair to good condition. The Supersound bracket is bent inward, the grill is heavily faded with some minor wear, and it could use a cleaning. However, it is entirely intact, and 100% original, and is by no means an eyesore. As mentioned above, it works perfectly and sounds great, but just as the exterior could be cleaned, the contacts, switches, and pots might need a basic cleaning as well.